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Aviation Law/ Injury Law

While airplane accidents are rare, they do occur. The most common reasons for an airplane crash are negligence and product liability. You could file a negligence lawsuit if an unintentional human error occurred causing the plane crash. In a negligence case, you will need to prove that a reasonable person of the same caliber as the defendant would not have acted in the same way.

If the crash occurred because of a defect in the equipment's design or structural integrity, you could file a claim of product liability. You will need to show that the design or manufacturing defect cause the injuries incurred.

If the accident is caused by poor maintenance, the owner or mechanics might be at fault.

The owner, pilot, or both can be held liable if a person is injured or property is damaged under the airplane caused by the ascent, descent, flight, or dropping objects.

A new area of aviation is drone flights. Although it is legal for drone owners to fly over private property without getting permission from the property owner, if the drone causes substantial damage to the property, you can file a civil lawsuit for damages. Drone operators could be held liable if inappropriate videos or pictures too.

The bottom line is you need an experienced attorney. Aviation cases are far more complicated than most injury cases. Aubrey Givens is not only an experienced injury lawyer but also graduated with honors while obtaining his college degree in aviation. This included pilot training, airline management, and airport management. Experience and education are important.

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