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Products Liability


Tennessee Consumers, like consumers in all other states, rely upon manufacturers and businesses to supply safe, reliable, and effective products. While our State and Federal Government has attempted to insure this by creating departments and organizations to ensure consumer safety. All too often products are placed in the marketplaces that are simply dangerous.  Tennessee laws provide liability for companies, manufacturers and businesses that negligently permit dangerous and/or defective products to enter into the marketplace. The Attorneys at Aubrey Givens & Associates understand that when you and/or a family member have been needlessly injured because of an unsafe, defective, or overly dangerous product the impact of this can be devastating. Aubrey Givens & Associates have successfully represented individuals when they have been the victims of a manufacturer’s negligence.


Product liability law is a complex and wide-ranging field of law. Both the State of Tennessee and the United States Government have enacted complicated and in-depth laws intended to regulate manufacturers.  If you believe that you and/or a family member has been injured due to the negligent manufacture and/or sale of a dangerous and/or defective product it is essential that you contact an attorney that is able to navigate the complex web of rules and regulations that exist. The Attorneys at Aubrey Givens & Associates have handled numerous product liability claims at all levels of litigation. Our attorneys are ready, willing, and able to investigate your claim and give you the advice and legal representation that is necessary to successfully handle a products liability case such as yours.


Be aware that time is not on your side. Tennessee has placed a time limit on when you can bring a claim for injuries sustained as a result of a manufacturer and/or businesses negligent design, construction, manufacture, or sale of a product. Because of this it is essential that you contact an attorney as soon as possible to discuss your legal rights. Waiting too long can have serious repercussions for your case and can ultimately lead to an outright rejection of your claim for a violation of the statute of limitations period. The Attorneys at Aubrey Givens & Associates are well aware of all of the applicable statute of limitation periods in Tennessee. Our Attorneys will timely investigate your claim and ensure that your rights are protected within the time permitted by law.


Product liability claims generally fall into one of four main categories: defectively manufactured products, defectively engineered products, marketing defects, and failure to warn or instruct.















A defectively manufactured product is one which contains a flaw not in its original design, but rather that has developed in its negligent manufacturing.


A defectively designed product is one that is inherently dangerous or defective due to its design. With this type of claim the entire product line is often determined to be dangerous and/or defective to design negligence.


Marketing Defects involve products that have been incorrectly and/or negligently advertised. These types of claims often arise against medical and/or pharmaceutical companies when they suggest that a drug can be used for a particular function that it is not approved for. Likewise, these types of claims arise when a manufacturer does not advise the public of a risk and/or side effect that is known or should have been known about the product.


Matters wherein a failure to warn or instruct is involved are often brought against companies that neglect to provide adequate warnings regarding their products.  In these situations, a company can be held liable when the average consumer believes that a product can and should be used in a certain way and is injured because of that common perception.


It is important to know that many product liability matters fall in between and/or overlap many of the categories listed above. If you do not know in what area your matter falls, do not worry, that is your attorney’s job to assist you. Because of the complexity of our laws, it is essential to contact an attorney to advise you of your potential rights.


The Attorneys at Aubrey Givens & Associates understand the physical, emotional, and financial devastation that can arise as a result of an injury from a negligently designed, marketed or manufactured product.  Our attorneys are committed to investigating every aspect of your claim and maximizing the recovery of any individual that has needlessly suffered as a result of a manufacturer or businesses negligence.  If you or a loved one has been injured by a defective product, call the attorneys at Aubrey Givens & Associates today at 615-444-4LAW for a free case evaluation.





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