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Business Litigation

Representation from Experienced Business Litigation Attorneys in Nashville


If you are currently in the middle of a complex commercial or business lawsuit, you need an experienced business litigation attorney who is competent to manage the matter to achieve the best possible outcome for your case.


Our business law attorneys understand that litigation is an unfortunate part of doing business. Whether it’s a vendor refusing to meet its contractual obligations, a disgruntled employee or customer threatening to sue or a competitor improperly benefiting from your hard work and ideas, business litigation is bound to arise. When it does, you need a business litigation lawyer who will provide you with professional guidance and experience to achieve a fair resolution of your case. Our commercial litigation attorneys recognize that litigation is not your principal job – managing and improving your business is.


Call our Nashville law firm at (615) 248-8600 to speak with an attorney about your circumstances. We will always act in your best interest, from your initial consultation until we achieve a fair resolution for your case.


Highly-Skilled Business Law Attorneys in Nashville


Experienced business law attorneys at Aubrey Givens & Associates, PLLC in Nashville are able to represent you in a wide variety of litigation that may arise during the course of your business. Our firm believes that litigation is useful only to the extent that it furthers and improves your business. So we’ll tell you when we believe active and aggressive litigation is in your best interest; conversely, we’ll also tell you when we believe the costs and risks of litigation would exceed the possible benefits. At the end of the day, our commercial litigation attorneys are guided by the principles of honesty, approachability, and transparent decision-making. We want to achieve the best results possible for your case.


Aubrey Givens & Associates business litigation attorneys can represent or defend you in any of the following types of disputes that may arise:


•             Breach of contracts

•             Partnership disputes

•             Breach of non-competition or non-solicitation provisions

•             Collection matters

•             Franchise/franchisor conflicts

•             Employee grievances and complaints

•             Landlord-tenant disputes

•             Real estate litigation

•             Commercial leases

•             Business dissolution

•             UCC liens

•             Fraud

•             Trademark infringement

•             Breach of confidentiality agreements


Aubrey Givens & Associates is located in Nashville and our business law attorneys provide specialized representation to clients in the Tennessee area. 

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