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Due to situations that are often times completely out of our control, there are people who simply cannot hold down a regular job. This may be due to an accident, an illness or a long-term disability, whatever the reason, your ability to earn an income for you and your family is impacted.




Social Security Disability may be the answer to your problems









While not every person that is injured or disabled is entitled to Social Security Disability, a number of individuals are. However, Social Security is a Government Program and with anything related to the United States Government there is a mountain of papers to file and countless regulations to follow. The Attorneys at Aubrey Givens and Associates have handled countless Social Security cases and we know how to navigate through the process.


Aubrey Givens and Associates, unlike many firms in Nashville, are willing to assist you from the earliest stage of your disability application. Initially an application with Social Security will need to be completed; we can assist you with this as the requirements are often very complex and technical. Don’t trust your case to just anyone, make sure you employ an advocate that will work for you in order to build the best possible case for you so that you can obtain the maximum amount of benefits that you are entitled to.


Be aware, because we are dealing with the United States Government an initial determination as to whether you are entitled to benefits could take months. To shorten this period as much as possible it is essential that your initial application be thorough and complete. Aubrey Givens and Associates have handled many cases from their earliest stages and know exactly how to complete the government forms in a manner that will best benefit your case.




The vast majority of cases are denied by the Social Security Administration on the first application. This is not a secret and even the Administration admits this. However, it is a reality that you should be aware of when you begin the process.


It is difficult to pinpoint one reason why the majority of first-time applicants are denied. However, one thing that we have noticed and that he become clear through research is that many first-time applicants complete their applications themselves and simply fail to include enough information. This is something that Aubrey Givens and Associates can assist with. Having handled countless Social Security Cases we are well aware of the information that the Administration needs when making its initial determination. Based upon this we will do everything in our power to assure you the best possible results.




If an initial application for Social Security Benefits is denied you will have the opportunity to file an appeal.  The rules are very specific in regard to appeals and set forth very specific timetables. Should you fail to appeal in a timely manner you will have no other choice but to start the entire process over. As you can imagine this will set you back months if not longer.


Once an appeal has been filed a hearing will be scheduled at the local Social Security Office before an Administrative Law Judge. While this individual is not an office Judge, he or she is an employee of the Social Security Administration and has the duty and responsibility to hear and rule upon appeals that have been filed by applicants.  Aubrey Givens and Associates does not leave you to handle this process on your own. Far from it, we will prepare you for every aspect of your hearing and will attend with you and argue for you. From the time you walk in our door until the day you are granted Social Security Benefits Aubrey Givens and Associates will be with you.


Aubrey Givens and Associates is ready to help you through the Social Security maze. Our fees are set by Federal Law and do not require you to pay us up front. In other words, unless you get paid, we don’t get paid.


If you are contemplating filing for Social Security Benefits or your initial application has been denied, it is time to call upon the experience and knowledge of Aubrey Givens and Associates. Call us anytime at 615-444-4LAW for a free consultation regarding your situation.






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